Nicole Brooks is a writer and editor in Indiana. She has lived and studied in East Texas; Seattle; Chicagoland; and the Florida Panhandle. She's been a barista, bookseller, waitress, radio program producer, a choreographer, and a screener for Austin Film Festival shorts.

Nicole holds a BA in Dance Pedagogy from Butler University in Indianapolis; a BA in English from Purdue University; and a master’s degree in Journalism from Indiana University.

After years as a newspaper reporter -- covering crime, local government, education, and the arts -- she turned to marketing. She is a student in Butler’s MFA program, with a concentration in poetry. She served as poetry editor of Booth, and expects to finish her MFA in May 2022.

Her creative throughlines are dance and writing. She teaches ballet, bakes, travels, and plays a little tennis. She lives in Lafayette, Ind., with her husband and daughter and works in communications at Purdue University in West Lafayette.